About us

The Paul Gauguin Interpretative Center which belongs to CAPNORD Martinique is managed by Paul Gauguin association, a no profit association which is working to have people discover all Laval’ and Gauguin’s Martinique artworks and highlight the heritage of Northen Martinique. Martinique: a revelation for Gauguin Did you know that Paul Gauguin, the French painter, considered to be one of the precursors of Modern art, stayed in Martinique in 1887 with a painter friend Charles Laval? Inspired by the beauty of our island during this period, Gauguin produced some sixteen paintings and many sketches and pastels. The Martinique experience stimulated the evolution of his art. Located opposite the beautiful Anse Turin beach, painted twice by Gauguin, our Interpretation Center is dedicated to the time Gauguin and Laval spent in Martinique. In our modern Center we invite you • to discover the Caribbean adventure of the two painters on the island through their letters and artwork, reproduced in a high definition format; • to immerse all your senses in Gauguin and Laval’s universe in Martinique; • to learn about the heritage and history of northern Martinique before the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelée. A unique virtual experience Thanks to a virtual reality walk into Gauguin’s work! Put on the virtual reality headset and dive into Gauguin’s artistic universe. Meet the painting's characters, and discover the landscapes through the artist's eyes.